Business Law

Legal Advice in Mississippi and Tennessee on Forming and Building Your Enterprise

Whether you are starting a new company or restructuring an established entity, the process of negotiations, filings, and closing deals can become complex. Dedicated business law attorney Robert P. Williams assists many individuals and companies in the Jackson area with ensuring that their operations adhere to the law while pursuing their main objectives. Mr. Williams’ background as a consultant and an AVA (Accredited Valuation Analyst) with the NACVA (National Association of Valuation Analysts) allows him to combine his knowledge of both business and legal principles in advising his clients.

Ensuring your enterprise is protected with proper agreements and shrewd transactional advice is important, and our services are always provided with that goal in mind. Whether you need assistance with formation and contracts, or are involved in a complex merger and acquisition, Mr. Williams can provide you or your organization guidance in all aspects of the law.

Contract Review

Successful transactional arrangements plan for not only the current but also the long-term protection of a company. Taking into account the potential risks and liability that may arise down the road is necessary in negotiating and executing any type of contract. Certain agreements may be necessary to ensure your financial interests and assets are protected, and these documents are not always easy to create without the assistance of a legal professional. A seasoned attorney can help you draft and review agreements for real estate, leases, non-compete contracts, licensing agreements, employment contracts, and distribution and purchase agreements.

Business Formation and Restructuring

There are a variety of options open to entities that are just starting out or those going through changes. To determine which type of structure is a logical fit for your interests, you should consider what your personal and business taxation and liability needs may be.

Attention to detail in drafting the documents to file can ensure your rights are protected and liability is limited. After your business is formed, employment agreements and policies must be executed. Some entities may consider possible applications for work visas, depending on the scope and requirements of a company’s staff.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisition (M&A) transactions can be a complicated process. Whether you’re buying another company, selling yours, or merging into a bigger business, there are steps along the way that may require careful strategizing. The steps involved in M&A deals include:

  • Drafting an initial letter of intent;
  • Performing due diligence and risk management;
  • Executing and reviewing all legal documents;
  • Structuring the deal;
  • Negotiating the deal; and
  • Closing the deal.

Effectively structured M&A deals can help a smaller company grow and larger entities gain an edge in a competitive market.

Seek Advice from a Mississippi and Tennessee Business Law Attorney

Protecting the future of your enterprise throughout its formation and growth is worth all the time and effort that this process may need. Knowledgeable business law lawyer Robert P. Williams assists clients throughout Mississippi and Tennessee. You can reach our office by calling (662) 234-3838 or by completing our contact form to arrange an appointment. We will be happy to explore your situation and explain how we can help you meet your goals.