Oxford Attorney Skilled in Business Law and Employment Matters

Mr. Williams has been advising companies in business and legal matters for years. Prior to entering the practice of law, He was a member of the NACVA (National Association of Valuation Analysts) and earned his credentials as an AVA (Accredited Valuation Analyst). Mr. Williams was the owner of a business consulting firm which focused on providing business consulting and valuation services for various purposes, including Mergers & Acquisitions, IRS estate valuations, and litigation.

Mr. Williams is devoted to helping both business owners and individuals throughout Mississippi and Tennessee. The firm’s primary focus is on Employer-Employee Disputes, Wage & Hour Issues, Business Structure, Contractual Disputes, Business Succession, Trusts & Estates, Asset Protection. As a capable business law lawyer, he concentrates on assisting clients with compliance issues and helping clients meet their objectives during business transitions.

Mr. Williams often works with other client advisors, such as, CPA’s, Financial Advisors, and Insurance Professionals to achieve the client’s personal or business objectives.

Our clients include individuals from worker employees to professionals and consultants, as well as, various corporations and business ventures.

Mr. Williams offers advice on all aspects of corporate transactions, including entity/joint venture formation, contract drafting, mergers & acquisitions, employment issues, tax issues, and business valuation.

Legal Guidance on Forming and Building Your Enterprise

In order to avoid problems down the road, business owners and entrepreneurs should consult with a business-minded attorney to help determine how business ventures should be structured. Some options to consider include sole proprietorships, limited liability companies (LLCs), partnerships, S-corporations, and C-corporations, as well not-for-profit organizations. Filing requirements differ based on what type of entity is formed.

Mergers and acquisitions often involve complex agreements and tax considerations. When you decide to merge with another entity, buy another business, or sell your company, you will want to plan a strategy in advance. Long-term planning is vital to ensure your financial interests are being met, beginning with the letter of intent to start negotiations all the way through negotiating and closing the deal. Well-structured M&A transactions help smaller companies grow and big companies become more competitive. Robert P. Williams aids clients in financing, obtaining regulatory approval, due diligence, negotiated stock purchases, buyouts, and valuation and operational matters.

Employer – Employee Relationship and Employee Classification

Ensuring you have effective employment contracts and policies in place is vital to protecting businesses and business owners from future agency enforcement or private litigation action. You will need to meet the requirements under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), which sets federal standards for recordkeeping, minimum wage, overtime pay, and hours worked. Since Mississippi does not provide its own wage and overtime laws, the FLSA dictates these minimums. Employees must be paid no less than $7.25 per hour and also receive overtime pay of time-and-a-half whenever they work more than 40 hours in a given week. Workers who are not properly compensated may file claims against their employers for wage and hour violations. Mr. Williams represents clients to ensure their practices meet the requirements regarding these issues.

Depending on the type of business you own, certain individuals may be classified as independent contractors instead of employees. This can provide some advantages when it comes to taxes and workers’ compensation coverage. However, misclassifying individuals exposes a business to substantial liability, including state and federal agency sanctions as well as a collective or class action suits. Making sure your workers are properly classified is extremely important for certain businesses.

Advising Clients on Estate Planning Matters

Mr. Williams can help individuals and families create detailed estate plans to protect their assets and rights. He designs each plan in accord with his clients’ objectives regarding their personal preferences as well as their economic and tax-related interests. Estate planning services often include preparing wills, durable powers of attorney, living trusts, and advance medical directives to ensure.

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